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etceteralish's Journal

humanity is a hammer to the brain
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writing journal of scratchmist

Hi! I go by scratchmist or mellish, and this is my fic journal. I write for multiple fandoms (book, movie, anime, manga, and videogames), and occasionally do original fiction. Most of my earlier fics are on FF.Net, but I am in the process of compiling them in the AO3 archive.

You could also check this (mostly updated) FIC LIST for my stories.

I try to put warnings for violence and anything else that is potentially squicky. Please tell me if you think a rating should be changed, and I'll see to it right away.

Disclaimer: All characters and stories are copyright their respective owners/creators. I don't profit from my fics. I write them purely for the joy of writing, and am always very happy if anyone else enjoys them too.

You are welcome to watch/friend the community for updates.

Comments, constructive criticism, and corrections are always appreciated. ♥

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